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Egalité Swimwear is a new swimwear brand without prejudice, that finds its roots in reflections on the inequalities of the world. In and out of water. With feet firmly grounded and, preferably, coated with sand.

It is about hope and power. The power that exists in each one of us to swim against the current and transform droplets into oceans. It’s about being more, being better. It’s about doing more, doing better. For a better world.

Égalité defends freedom, equality and fraternity in the world.

Our brand portrays a dream of a naive, discontent child, after traveling through different latitudes and seeing so much inequality, wanting to grow and make a difference through

Change begins in the choices we make. Are you going to take the plunge with us? Jump in, close your eyes underwater and open them to the world with: Égalité.

Our mission is to foster projects we believe in and help create awareness. Join us as we
share our future collections highlighting the issues our world is facing.

Because every day, in every season, somewhere, the world needs Égalité. One day, the sun will shine equally for everyone.