Bikinis Egalite Swimwear


BYOU is driven by values ​​such as sincerity, truth, clarity and justice towards the people with whom it works and towards its clients.
It is a brand that cares about the environment, with the impact that we cause each day with our acts and as such when thinking about it, thought that it had the least possible ecological impact, that it was a brand that was seen as minimalist and timeless, a brand that cares about people, nature and animals and aims at harmony among all.

One of the main goals is to enhance and highlight each person’s beauty, make her safe and confident, make her feel beautiful exactly as she is. It was created for all women and it’s thought about the characteristics of each of them. The fact that it is a small business gives you the ability to make customized pieces and to the specific taste of each client. Personalized treatment and care are part of everyday life and customer satisfaction is the focus.

BYOU creates limited-edition collections with a small number of pieces, with a short supply chain that forms a closer relationship with suppliers and production. Because all of the production and purchase of material is acquired in Portugal BYOU is helping and stimulating the national market. With the help of small national suppliers BYOU’s production is made with fair market and our clothes are all made by hand by professionals in the field of textile production in Portugal.